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WWE: Whose Net Worth Is More – Roman Reigns Or Brock Lesnar ?


The net worth of Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar is always a topic of discussion. Both WWE Superstars are present on the list of the Top 5 highest-paid wrestlers on the company’s roster. As per reports, Roman earns USD 5 million per year as his base salary, while Brock takes USD 10 million home. There are extra bonuses and payments made for the additional services.

While the salary of Brock Lesnar is more than Roman Reigns, fans always wonder who has more net worth? In this article now, we will look at the net worth of both Superstars and conclude whose worth is more.

Net Worth of Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar

According to the details available online, Roman Reigns net worth is approximately USD 12 million. Reigns has been the number one guy on the WWE roster for quite some time. After WWE’s failed attempt to make him their number one babyface, Roman returned to the company as the Tribal Chief in 2020.

In no time, Roman captured the Universal Championship and ruled the SmackDown roster. He took his cousins under his wing and elevated the Usos to the next level as well. There was a time when Roman would appear and wrestle on WWE TV every week, but as his popularity has increased, he is working more of a part-timer’s schedule now.

According to reports, he has three sources of income, and they are professional wrestling, acting and advertising. On the other side, Brock Lesnar prefers to live a private life. He has mentioned in several interviews that he wants his family life to private. Lesnar does not have an Instagram account as well.

As per the details available on the internet, his net worth is approximately USD 25 million. So not just Lesnar’s salary but his net worth is also more than his rival Roman.

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