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WhatsApp: How to react on a WhatsApp status with an emoji


Meta-owned WhatsApp has added emoji reactions to messages this year in an effort to broaden the range of ways that its users can interact with one another using unlimited emojis. WhatsApp is now focusing on allowing users to reply to status updates with emoji. The function was introduced to the desktop and is currently being rolled out in beta on the mobile app.

Emoji reactions for posts were introduced by Facebook as one of the first Meta services. Then, they were used to respond to messages and stories on Instagram.

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Some beta testers were successful in launching the feature and selecting an emoji from a set of eight to respond to a status update. WhatsApp status reactions will be sent to you as messages in your chat, just like Instagram Story reactions are sent to you as direct messages. Here’s how you can use this feature:


Open the WhatsApp app on your mobile phone and go to the status to which you want to react using an emoji.


Simply swipe up to the status.


Tap on the emoji from the set of eight emojis.


The emoji will be sent as an instant message to the respective person’s chat.


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