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What’s the Best Bridge to Drive Across?


A photo of the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam with the caption "Where is the world's best bridge?"

Does the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam earn your vote?
Photo: Luke Price via Wikimedia Commons

I don’t know about you, but I bloody love a good bridge. Whether it’s something simple that spans a beautiful site or a creation with a stunning design that merely connects point A to point B, I love them all. But I’ve always wondered, where is the best bridge?

So today, we’re going to try and answer that. Sure, pretty close to my apartment you’ve got iconic river crossings like the Brooklyn Bridge, and my old office was right ‘round the corner from Tower Bridge in London, so seeing its gates swing open for ships was always an exciting sight to see. But there has to be more out there, right? So now, we want to hear your picks for the world’s best bridge to drive across.

Take a moment to consider the design, the views and the experience of driving across any of these memorable overpasses. Is there one where you couldn’t help but pause for a moment to appreciate the undeniable engineering prowess of its construction? Or did you pause mid-crossing to take in the stunning scenery you were driving over? Or maybe, you just really hate bridges so the best one, for you, might be the world’s shortest bridge.

Personally, I always had a soft spot for the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam. Sure, I’ve not driven across it but I’ve cycled and taken the tram over this beautifully designed swing bridge in the Netherlands. And any bridge that can fit in three modes of transport has to be a good one, right?

So, take to the comments and let us know all about your favorite bridges. We’ll leave this up over the weekend to collect as many picks for the world’s best bridge to drive across as possible. Then, watch out for a slideshow of fantastic flyovers next week.

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