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Watch: Karnataka Man Celebrates Pet Dog’s Birthday With 100 Kg Cake and 4000 Guests; Wins Hearts


If you’re a dog lover – you know there’s no better feeling than having one of your own. Their warmth, infinite love and adorable tactics bring sheer joy into our lives. The famous phrase ‘Man’s best friend’ is true in every sense as the bond between a dog and his owner is truly special and deserves to be celebrated.  And what better occasion than your dog’s birthday to cherish this beautiful relationship and give back some love? Recently, we came across a heart-warming story in which a man from Karnataka is being praised online for his selfless love towards his dog, Krish. 

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Shivappa Yellappa Maradi threw a grand party for his dog’s birthday in Belagavi, Karnataka. He wanted to make his day so memorable that he ordered a 100kg cake for his pet dog to cut and invited 4000 guests. A video of this occasion was shared by ANI on YouTube and has taken the internet by storm. Take a look: 

In the video, we can see an enormous cake spread on the table. The cake has ‘Happy Birthday Krish’ written on it. Mr. Shivappa is seen cutting the 100kg cake with his dog. Krish can be seen standing in front of the cake with a cute purple birthday cap on his head. The dog is being lifted and supported towards the cake by the guests and Mr Shivappa. The cut cake was then fed to the pet. 

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According to ANI, around 4,000 people were fed on the occasion. On social media, the video has garnered sweet reactions as people are touched with this heartfelt gesture. “Hahahaha Krish is so lucky,” wrote one user. “Super cute,” another one wrote.  

Another comment read, “Good, this should be a stereotype. Respect animals, they are also living beings and have feelings and emotions.” 

Would you like to celebrate your dog’s birthday in a similar manner? Do let us know in the comments section below.  

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