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Viral Video: Daadi’s Reaction After Trying Peri-Peri Fries Will Win You Over


We all know that our grandparents and other older relatives only like to have traditionally cooked recipes. All they require for indulgence is a simple plate of dal chawal, roti and sabzi. They might not be open to trying new modern dishes every time we introduce one to them. Furthermore, even if they do take a bite of it, they might not enjoy the flavour. But, ever so often, one of our elderly generation members genuinely likes the flavour of our typical fast food. Seeing their excitement and response while trying a new dish is always fascinating! And thanks to the internet, we recently got to see someone’s daadi trying out peri-peri fries for the first time!

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In a video uploaded on Instagram by user @jaipareek, we can see her daadi trying peri-peri fries for the first time. In the post’s caption, the user informs the audience that when they were passing McDonald’s, he decided to take a meal for himself. When he wanted her daadi to also try out what he was having, his daadi said no for the same. However, after convincing her, she tried the peri-peri fries and really liked them! Now, when he asks her what he should bring next from the market, she says, “woh aaloo wali cheez aur mirchi (fried potatoes and spice mix).” Take a look at the video here:

Ever since this video was shared on Instagram, it has been viewed 6.2 million times, has 553K likes, and has more than a thousand likes. Many people have also reacted to the video and shared their comments. Check out some of the reactions below:

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“Seeing this, I am missing my daadi badly. She was the same.”

“My naani loves the big wrap and garlic bread.”

“My naani loves having pizza so much.

“I will also take my dadi and make her try these fries.”

“Amazing. This absolutely made my day.”

“I love seeing our grandparents enjoying our favourite foods!

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