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US Said To Plan New Limits on China’s AI and Supercomputing Firms – Slashdot


The Biden administration is expected to announce new measures to restrict Chinese companies from accessing technologies that enable high-performance computing, The New York Times reported Monday, citing several people familiar with the matter, the latest in a series of moves aimed at hobbling Beijing’s ambitions to craft next-generation weapons and automate large-scale surveillance systems. From a report: The measures, which could be announced as soon as this week, would be some of the most significant steps taken by the Biden administration to cut off China’s access to advanced semiconductor technology. They would build on a Trump-era rule that struck a blow to the Chinese telecom giant Huawei by prohibiting companies around the world from sending it products made with the use of American technology, machinery or software. A number of Chinese firms, government research labs and other entities are expected to face restrictions similar to Huawei, according to two people with knowledge of the plans. In effect, any firm that uses American-made technologies would be blocked from selling to the Chinese entities that are targeted by the administration. It’s not yet clear which Chinese firms and labs would be impacted. The broad expansion of what is known as the foreign direct product rule is just one part of Washington’s planned restrictions. The administration is also expected to try to control the sale of cutting-edge U.S.-made tools to China’s domestic chip makers.

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