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These New Cars Already Look Old


A photo of a silver Toyota Sienna minivan in a studio.

Photo: Toyota

“Toyota have made vehicles that were clearly of an time. Remember the clear plastic tail lights that they had on the Prius, RX300, and others back in the early 2010s? They SCREAM older car today.

“Toyota introduced their ‘death star’ styling in 2016 and have covered the roads in a sea of ugly vehicles that have more wrinkles and creases than a 95 year old sun worshipper ever since.

“Now for 2022, they come up with a brand new Sienna that keeps on this six-year-old ‘controversial’ (aka fugly) design language that is already starting to seem like something of the late 2010s rather than the 2020s.

“And the problem with the Sienna is that it won’t be replaced until around 2030. So Toyota is stuck with a vehicle that screams ‘of a certain era’ for years.”

Here’s how I imagine the design meeting for the 2022 Toyota Sienna went:

“Stay with me on this one, lads. What if we made the look minivan evil? Would that be a good look?”

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