Home Tech These holiday toys are surefire picks for kids who like to build stuff

These holiday toys are surefire picks for kids who like to build stuff


Some kids just can’t stop building things. Whether it’s towers made from hundreds of plastic pieces or miniature truck stops with all the moving parts, it’s amazing how even the wiggliest kiddos can spend hours constructing things and then playing in their own little world.

If you have a future engineer, architect, or builder on your nice list this year, check out our picks from Walmart’s Top Toys List(opens in a new tab) below — sure to hone their hand-eye coordination and inspire them to make cool stuff. Who knows? Maybe they’ll end up building you your own real-life dream home someday.

Wrangling dinosaurs

Your kiddo can live out all their dinosaur-capturing fantasies with a toy that they built themselves, how cool is that? This 254-piece set comes with illustrated instructions, which is a nice perk, and your kids will love playing with the rad off-road vehicle and dinos with chomping jaws.

Pups to the rescue

This loaded toy is a whopping 3-feet wide and has all the working parts a Paw Patrol fan could ever want. Your kiddo can fill up the truck, drive through the car wash, blast the lights and sounds, and launch into their next rescue. It also folds up to half its size and can be stashed just about anywhere. 

Build it and they will come

This 17-inch tall home is a dream come true for any little Bluey fan and the seven rooms are loaded with details, lights, and sounds from the hit show. Kids can even attach Bluey and the gang to the moving dance floor and recreate the show’s opening scene.

Amphibious architecture

Your kiddo will transform your living room into a swampy biome with this 454-piece LEGO set. They can build a croc with a jaw that opens, a frog with an extendable tongue, or a slithering snake. The kit also comes with bird and fish skeletons to round out the swamp-like vibe.

Level up their tool skills

Introduce your tot to the wonderful world of tools and challenge their hand-eye coordination, to boot. This kit includes two foam axes with hook-and-loop edges that stick to the cloth target when tossed. The game is totally portable, so they can take it on play dates and be a show off.

Let the magic begin

Your kid’s Encanto obsession is about to hit the roof — literally. This 587-piece set will challenge their building chops with three levels and loads of fun details from the movie, including a spinning weather vane, waving shutters, Abuela and Mirabel figures, and an accordion.

Stacked for success

Launch your lil’ builder’s illustrious future with this classic building set. The logs are as sturdy as you remember them and still made of real wood, which is nice. Your kiddo can construct their own house with a porch and working door and then gallop around the ranch on their plastic horse.

Think outside the box

This 60-piece set is a real brain-builder. The colorful plastic tiles are sized for little hands and feature magnets along the edges so kids can stick them together and make everything from castles and rockets to futuristic-looking trees and trucks. Seriously, the sky is the limit here.

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