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These Are The Parts Of Car Culture That You Want To End


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That in order to be a car enthusiast, you need to only drive manual and build your own car.

I’m a yank who’s only ever owned automatics and Chrysler products, but yet there hasn’t been an automotive brand yet that hasn’t made my jaw drop in some way. I’m a car enthusiast because I see cars for more than appliances, you can see people put time and effort into creating something most won’t care about, and these cars can tell wonderful stories. Not only that, but just cars in general: how they move, how they operate, it has always amazed me. I love talking about big rigs apart of my hometowns history to being at a classic muscle car show and seeing an F430 join the fun, even to see a street legal Mitsubishi Kei truck in New York and quickly chat with the dude who owns it.

Seeing new, manual economy cars even makes me happy, since they aren’t popular sellers where I live for pete’s sake.

Why do I have to feel less valued as someone who likes cars just because I’m not driving a manual car I built myself?

If you’ve ever tuned into our Twitch streams, you’ve likely seen me mention how good modern automatic transmissions are. You might even have heard me say that, if I could afford a current Supra, I’d probably take the automatic over the manual. Gated shifters are good, gatekeeping is bad.

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