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These are the Electric Cars you Actually Want to Own


A photo of a black electric Mini parked in a tunnel.

Photo: BMW

“While I no longer have a need for a commuter (WFH), the Cooper SE most closely matches my desires for an electric car.

“Electric cars are best suited as a second (but primary) car, and the Cooper SE fits that mold quite well. Since range is largely dependent on battery size, and battery size is the primary factor in vehicle cost, I don’t want to buy a bunch of range that I don’t need 95% of the time.

“The Mini’s ~140 mile range is more than adequate for a typical day, offering plenty of margin for an extra trip to the store, or if I forget to plug it in one night.

“Generally, if I am driving more than 50 miles in a day, I am driving more than 500 miles that day. I’m either driving locally or several states away. There is seldom a time when I need 300 miles of range where 300 miles of range would be enough.

“When the range of a Cooper SE is insufficient for me, so too would be the range of any other electric car.

“Something like a Leaf or a Bolt would also suffice, but I prefer the Mini. I liked the Fiat 500e, but it has been discontinued.”

Another case of taking a classic and making it electric. The Mini Cooper SE starts at $34,225 and for that you get 110 miles of range, a stylish interior and that iconic exterior styling.

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