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Ten Lowest Scores Successfully Defended in T20 Internationals – CricIndeed


It is not easy being a T20 bowler. For a game format domineered by batsmen, it is very rare for bowlers to end on a high note. Moreover, with run-chases becoming the favorites of batters in the last few years, it becomes super difficult to defend totals.

This article will discuss superlative performances of bowlers teaming up to defend totals, even when their batters failed miserably – the top ten lowest totals successfully defended by teams in T20 Internationals. On the contrary, you can find here the highest successful run chases in T20 Internationals.

In this list, we have stuck to the scenarios where the first batting team batted the entire 20 overs or bowled out before the destined overs. This way, we have kept the rain-shortened games away from this list.

Lowest Totals Successfully Defended in T20Is

Nigeria 90/10 Sierra Leone 71/10 Lagos 2021
Jersey 94/10 Denmark 89/10 Almeria 2021
West Indies 96/9 Ireland 85/8 Kingston 2014
Nigeria 102/7 Sierra Leone 96/9 Lagos 2021
Zimbabwe 105/10 West Indies 79/7 Port of Spain 2010
Ireland 107/9 Kenya 105/7 Mombasa 2012
Denmark 111/10 Sweden 103/6 Brondby 2021
West Indies 113/5 England 88/10 The Oval 2011
Scotland 113/6 Kenya 78/10 Aberdeen 2013
South Africa 115/6 Sri Lanka 103/9 Colombo 2013

Stats Insights

The record was set when the Nigerians bowled out Sierra Leone for the score of 71 to defend their tiny total of 91 in the teams’ bilateral T20 series in 2021. The host, Nigeria, won the 6-match T20 series 5-1. There was another entry of a game in that series in this list, as almost every game of that series was a low-scoring affair.


West Indies’ successful defense of their 9-wickets loss score of 96 against Ireland is the lowest best among the top tier teams.

Also, West Indies are the other team apart from Nigeria to feature twice in this list, whereas Kenya and Sierra Leone have been at the receiving end twice.

Team India’s lowest defended score in a T20I game, without a revised target or restricted overs, is their win over Zimbabwe in Harare in 2016 after scoring 138/6.

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