Home Tech Stoke your adventurous kiddo’s love for the great outdoors with these rad holiday toys

Stoke your adventurous kiddo’s love for the great outdoors with these rad holiday toys


If your kiddo gets super excited about loading the bikes onto the truck and heading out of town for the weekend, you likely have a budding adventurer on your hands. The fresh air, family hikes, gooey s’mores cooked over the campfire — what’s not to love, right?

Check out these picks from Walmart’s The Top Toys List(opens in a new tab) that will inspire your little one to get out there and explore. Put them on your nice list this holiday season and in a few years, your tot might be the one teaching you how to nail a berm on the mountain-bike trails.

Princess and the pedals

This 12-inch Huffy bike will magically get your wobbly little rider onto two wheels and pedaling around the driveway in no time. You’ll love the sturdy steel frame, and they’ll love the Frozen-themed tires, snowflakes, sparkly streamers, and doll sleigh on the back.

Living the van life

Get your little one stoked for the family road trips ahead. Kids can load up their miniature pals, pups, cookware, and sleeping bag, roll to their destination, and then chill out with a sweet setup that includes a kitchen, bathroom, pool, and a 30-inch slide. If only your van was this deluxe!

Unleash the beast

This remote-control Tiger Shark monster truck has beefy tires that can conquer all sorts of terrains and it can even “stomp” over roots and rocks — just like the IRL Tiger Shark truck. Your kid can go into full-on beast mode and do wheelies and two-wheeled spins, too.

Ride like a superhero

Inspire your kiddo to have their own Spidey adventures on this solid 12-inch Huffy bike. The removable training wheels will get them up and rolling and they can stash their favorite toys in the Spidey mask that’s mounted on the webbed handlebars.

Back to nature retreat

Now your kiddos can escape to their very own cabin whenever they want. This roomy, real-wood playhouse sets up indoors or in your backyard and is loaded with cool interactive details like a working doorbell, planter boxes, and a play kitchen stocked with all the fixins’ to make you a pretend breakfast.

Roll with it

This jet-shaped drone will let your maverick aged 14 or older practice wild stunts in the open skies. The dual joystick remote enables them to do barrel rolls and climb up to 200 feet. When they crash into the trees or nosedive onto the pavement, the durable foam bounces instead of breaks.

Get out and ride

This stylish electric scooter lets your lil’ biker feel the wind in their hair as they cruise around the cul-de-sac at 15 miles per hour. It only weighs 30 pounds and can tag along on weekend adventures, too. The secret storage container under the seat is perfect for stashing scores from the campground store.

Take it to the dirt

Kickstart your teen’s off-road adventures with this electric dirt rocket. It looks and feels like a real motocross bike, with rear-wheel drive and knobby tires, high-torque to pull those hills, and a chain-driven motor that shreds for about 30 minutes before needing a recharge.

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