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St Paul’s Primary launches breakfast programme


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St Paul’s Primary launches breakfast programme
MP Marsha Caddle with one of the students receiving breakfast at St Paul’s Primary School. (Picture by Tonia Atwell)

St Paul’s Primary School is the first to be a part of a new initiative to provide breakfast for students.

The soft launch of the ‘Made it Against the Odds’ breakfast programme provided a healthy breakfast to a group of about 75 students from the school yesterday at Brittons Cross Road, St Michael.

MP for the area Marsha Caddle, who assisted with the launch, said that she was happy to be on board with the project.

Caddle explained that as the programme continued, more work would be done with the private sector to ensure that healthy ingredients would be used in the meals. The goal would be to support households in ensuring that students were well fed and prepared for the learning environment.

“We know that the country is also dealing with a global cost of living crisis. We know as well that it’s important for children to eat well and be healthy in order to learn well. I believe that the theme for this month is ‘promoting quality education through healthy minds and bodies’ and that’s really the point,” Caddle said.

“So we want to make sure that we’re not just investing in children’s formal education in the classroom through the ministry of education but that we’re also making sure that children are well nourished. Not just that they have enough calories but that the kinds of things that they are eating put them in the frame of mind to learn,” she explained. (JK)


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