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Sachin Tendulkar’s Drool-Worthy Local Breakfast In Goa Is Too Good To Miss


Sachin Tendulkar is back with his food diaries. The latest update is coming straight from Goa. The legendary cricketer has shared a video of the mouth-watering local breakfast he relished at a cafe. Oh boy, it’s all things yummy. Firstly, he looks into the camera and says, “I am in Goa at cafe Tato (they started this chain of restaurants in 1913)”. He adds, “After coming to Goa, the first thing that people, in general, want to do is to explore seafood including fish, prawns and other things. But I am here at a local restaurant, a small place but they make some delicious food.”

Talking about the dishes, he first shows alsande. It’s a special vegetarian Goan dish made with black-eyed peas, spices and coconut mixture. Sachin says, “I can say that it’s similar to ‘chawli,’ in Marathi, but the locals here call it alsande.” He then talks about batata bhaji made with potatoes and mild spices. He also has puris (puffed flatbreads) on his table. After this, he discusses special Goan buns. He lifts the plate of buns and tells his followers, “It looks like puri, but it is called ‘buns’. In Goa, they call it buns. It’s made out of bananas. This is delicious. It’s a little sweet but superb.” I am really enjoying my local breakfast in Goa, Sachin admits. For the caption, he added, “An eatery I found in Goa that will make you drool!” He also used the hashtags “Foodie Friday,” “Goa,” “Food” and “Friday feeling.”      

If you want to enjoy some finger-licking dishes popular in Goa, here’s a guide to help you out. Do take a look at these recipes below:

1) Lobhia

This wholesome preparation of black-eyed peas is known as lobhia in North India, chawli in Maharashtra and alsande in Karnataka. It’s one simple yet comforting dish that you wouldn’t regret making.

2) Aloo Vindaloo

It’s amazing how the local people use this humble vegetable to create such mouth-watering curries. This dish is hot and spicy and can be best paired with your regular flatbread or steamed rice.

3) Mangalore Banana Buns

This makes for a staple breakfast across the state of Karnataka, Mangalore and nearby areas. These buns carry the goodness of bananas that are extensively used in South Indian cuisine. It has a perfect combination of sweet, savoury and scrumptious.

4) Goan Prawn Curry

If seafood makes you go weak in the knees, do try this out if you ever happen to visit Goa. You can also make it at home. It’s basically a tasty prawn curry cooked in mild coconut milk with a spicy gravy made of turmeric, black pepper, vinegar and coconut.

5) Goan Rava Fry

This is one quick and easy way to prepare chicken. It hardly requires a few ingredients and makes for a wonderful party starter. So, if you are bored with your regular butter chicken, have this and you’ll like it.

We hope you try these amazing options from the Goan cuisine.

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