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Over Rs 1.25 lakh cr sale for retail traders this festive season


From the day of first Navratri September 26 and till October 23, business of more than 1.25 lakh crore has already taken place in the country, Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) on Monday said.

On the call of CAIT this year, the traders celebrated the festival as “Apni Diwali – Bhartiya Diwali” with all emphasis on selling exclusively Indian products, which has led to robust sales for small scale industries, local businesses, craftsmen, artistes, artisans etc. did a splendid business for the products made by them.

CAIT Secretary General Praveen Khandelwal said that the total business of Diwali sale is expected to cross 1.50 lakh crore which will be a major boon to retail trade of India.

With the pace with which the way of doing business is changing all over the world, traders in India too are changing the present module of their business and are now using digital technology. “Today, traders across the country worship computers, laptops, mobiles in Diwali Puja and on the other hand, biometric machines, electronic cash tellers, POS terminals for accepting digital payments, etc. were also included in Diwali Puja.”

“On the other hand the GST Portal is also worshiped because now all the business is done through the portal of GST and the traditional ledger accounts have been replaced by the GST Portal and many types of GST software,” Khandelwal said.

For centuries, traders in India have traditionally been doing Diwali Puja at their business establishments on the occasion of Diwali but with the changing times, most of the business is now being done through digital technology, hence Diwali Puja is celebrated today by traders across the country by worshipping all kinds of digital tools as well, he added.

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