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Meta wants you to have multiple Facebook and Instagram accounts


Meta is bringing two of its social media apps — Facebook and Instagram — closer than ever, with the introduction of two new features, encouraging users to have multiple accounts. The new features, which began rolling out recently, make it simple for users to create new accounts and switch between them.

The new user interface for profile-switching will let users switch between the two apps through the app itself, considering the accounts are added within the same Accounts Center. Moreover, the new interface will show users’ all their Facebook and Instagram profiles in one place, along with the notifications for each profile.

Not just this, but Meta is also introducing a simplified login and sign-up flow for both Facebook and Instagram. Users signing up for Facebook or Instagram can create an account on either of the apps and use that account to create more profiles on both Facebook and Instagram. Similarly, users can log in to their other profiles with a single tap.

These new features are currently under testing globally on iOS, Android and the web.

Meta says the existing security measures will still be applicable even after these updates.

If a user has two-factor authentication turned on, then no one will be able to log in to Instagram using a Facebook account or vice-versa on an unauthorised device. Users will be notified of the creation of a new account, and also of the addition of a new account to their accounts. Further, a user can decide which account they want to show up in the account switching interface.


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