Home Education Kodiyeri, a Home Minister who reformed Kerala Police: Jacob Punnoose 

Kodiyeri, a Home Minister who reformed Kerala Police: Jacob Punnoose 


Thiruvananathapuram: Former Director General of Police Jacob Punnoose recollected the contributions of Kodiyeri Balakrishnan in improving the conduct, quality of service and discipline of the police force in Kerala. With immense grief, Jacob Punnoose paid condolences to Kodiyeri and shared the achievements of Kerala Police during the tenure of Kodiyeri as home minister.

Kodiyeri started to serve as the home minister at a time when majority of the police officers in the state, who joined as constables, retired on the same rank even after 30 years. It was Kodiyeri, who started to allocate the rank of head constable to all deserving cops within 15 years and rank of Assistant Sub Inspector within 23 years of service. It was an action which was first of its kind in the entire nation. The Janamaitri Suraksha project and the Student Police Cadet scheme launched under Kodiyeri brought a paradigm shift in Kerala police.

Thousands of ex-servicemen in Kerala were deployed as home guards to support police. First police battalion with Thunderbolt commando, coastal police, boats for police to advance to sea and coastal committees were launched by Minister Kodiyeri.

The most comprehensive and democratic Police Act was introduced in the Assembly and facilitated each police station with all necessary equipment. In the Facebook post, Jacob Ponnoose shared all the accomplishments of Kerala police, which the department attained when Kodiyeri held its reins.

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