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How To Save Money While Grocery Shopping – 7 Genius Tips From Experienced People


Grocery shopping is always fun! We love going to the local markets, hop around, and buy vegetables, nibbles, snacks, and so much more. But when we buy these things in excitement, we usually buy them in bulk and don’t use them in one day. Then slowly, the vegetables and fruits start to go bad, and we eventually throw them out. So, how to avoid all these things? Well, take tips from experienced people! Recently, a Reddit user (u/LonelyAirport8833) asked people for suggestions for first-time grocery shopping, and the insights she got were simply brilliant. Here we bring you a list of some of these tips that will come in handy for you! Check them out below:

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How To Save Money While Grocery Shopping – 7 Genius Tips From Experienced People

Here’re 7 Tips For Grocery Shopping:

1. Keep The Coupons:

“To start, get the basics of what you typically consume. I usually keep things on hand that I can throw together quickly if I’m not in the mood to cook: cereal, sandwich stuff, pasta, frozen meals. If you’re on a budget, most grocery stores have apps now, and you can add coupons for things you need. When you scan the app’s barcode at checkout, the coupons will apply,” one user revealed.

2. Look Out For Generic Brands

“Generic brand name/store brand name is almost always cheaper than name brand, and is in a lot of cases the exact same stuff as the name brand, just with a different label. That alone will save much cash, often more than buying a name brand with a coupon.”

3. Plan Your Meals

“I’d highly recommend meal planning your weeks. This will result in less wasted food than just buying stuff that looks good with zero plan. I’d also check out coupon books/sites for wherever you shop for inspiration. Eggs, milk, bread, flour, lunch meat, and some fruits and veggies are always good to keep on hand for quick nights of sandwiches or rush cereal,” said a user.

4. Make A List

Another user shared, “I like to organise my grocery list, so I don’t forget things or waste too much time at the store. I write headings based on where you’d find things: Produce, eggs/dairy, meat, canned goods, dry goods, frozen, and so on. See if your grocery store has a bulk section as well – often, the seasonings and grains are a better value. I like the bulk seasoning; some extra flavor never hurts when you’re learning to cook.”

5. Do Not Buy Extra Stuff

“Meal planning! Make a list of what you want to eat every day and buy the ingredients to make those meals. Include whatever extras or snacks you want on your list and only buy what’s on the list.”

6. Check The Dates

“Don’t forget to check dates when you buy stuff. You don’t want it to go out of date before you use it. There’s a difference between “use by” and “best before” – it’s self-explanatory, so I’m sure you can work out the difference. You shouldn’t use stuff beyond “use by,” especially if it’s something like salmon or chicken,” read one of the comments.

Learn How To Store

“Make what you use last. Learn the correct way to keep items so that they last the longest. For example, when you buy fruits or veggies, Google to see whether they belong in the fridge or not. Some things go bad faster in the fridge. In addition, if you haven’t used something and it’s getting along a bit, look into whether you can freeze it. Freezing fruits for smoothies or veggie scraps for stock is a great strategy to reduce waste.”

So, the next time you are going out grocery shopping, keep these tips in mind!

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