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How To Make The Perfect Bhindi Sabzi? Bhagyashree Shares Some Easy Tips


Every Tuesday, we make it a point to check Bhagyashree’s Instagram page for her weekly #tuesdaytipswithb. From sharing diet tips and ingredients information to posting exciting recipes, Bhagyashree has us hooked on her weekly updates. This time, she has shared the best way to cook bhindi (or okra) to make it crunchy, bring out its natural colour and retain all of its nutrients. Along with sharing some cooking tips, she also posted a video to show exactly how it is done. If you love bhindi as much as we do, you cannot miss this. Watch the video here: 

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Here’re Some Cooking Tips To Make The Perfect Bhindi Sabzi: 

Bhagyashree also divulged some useful tips to make bhindi the right way. Take a look: 

1. Never add salt while cooking as it will end up making it sticky.  

2. Salt should be added just before serving the dish. (You can also add salt with other ingredients like onions and spices, just when the bhindi softens after cooking for some time.) 

3. If you like to maintain the green colour, do not cover the pan with a lid. It may take a bit longer to cook but it definitely looks better. 

4.  Ideally, bhindi should never be overcooked to maintain its high nutritional value. 

Bhagyashree also revealed that bhindi has “Vitamin E, Vitamin C, folate, magnesium, phosphorous, iron, copper, manganese and loads of dietary fibre. 

It is an ideal food to maintain good gut health.” 

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We agree that bhindi offers a high nutritional value and benefits health in ways more than one. To top it all, it can be fashioned into some really tasty dishes. Want to know what all you can make with bhindi other than the usual pyaz bhindi sabzi? Click here

Here we are also offering you some more tips to turn bhindi into a truly heavenly dish. Click here to see how to make bhindi perfectly. 

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