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How To Make Kimchi-Jjigae: This Easy Korean Stew Recipe Defines Comfort


Let’s agree, Korean culture has taken the world by storm. From popular K-pop music to K-dramas, we are binge watching it all. Likewise, Korean cuisine has also made its way into our lives; so much so that today you will find Korean restaurants in every big city and Korean ready-to-eat meals being sold at every supermarket. That’s not all. The Internet is also loaded with various Korean recipes, making us try it all at home. One such amazing dish is Kimchi-Jjigae. We are sure you are already aware of it through Mukbang and ASMR videos on social media. And some of you have already tried it at the Korean eateries in your town. Now, how about making it at home?! That’s right. We have found a super easy recipe that will help you whip authentic Kimchi-Jjigae in your kitchen.

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For the unversed, Kimchi-Jjigae is a Korean-style stew that includes kimchi (well understood from the name), meat (preferably pork), seafood, scallion, onion and more. It is wholesome, spicy and leaves a burst of flavours on your palate. Kimchi-Jjigae is best enjoyed hot, making it a perfect dish to try during the nippy monsoon season. Traditionally, it is served in a hot stone pot, with classic Korean sided (referred to as banchan) and sticky rice.

All these discussions on Kimchi-Jjigae have left us craving for some. If you are on the same boat, then let’s take you through an easy recipe. The recipe has been shared by celebrity chef Anahita Dhondy on her Instagram handle. “Kimchi-Jjigae is one of the most commonly eaten dishes in Korea. It is a deep red, savoury and spicy stew made of kimchi and tofu that’s great for a rainy day, an easy midweek dinner or as a classic Korean hangover cure,” she wrote alongside the post.

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Korean-Style Stew Recipe | How To Make Kimchi-Jjigae:

To make this dish, we need kimchi, kimchi brine, tofu, green onion, onion, sugar, salt, gochugaru, gochujang and sesame oil.

First, place the kimchi and kimchi brine in a shallow pot. Add the onion, green onions, salt, sugar, hot pepper flakes, and gochujang to it. Then drizzle sesame oil and add the water.

Now, cook everything for 15-20 minutes over medium-high heat. Keep stirring at short intervals and let the stew boil. Lay the tofu over the top and cook for another 5-7 minutes over medium heat.

Finally, chop one green onion and put it on the top of the stew. Remove from the heat and serve right away with rice.

Watch the detailed recipe below:

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While each and every element used in this dish is easily available at any supermarket, we suggest making the kimchi at home to enjoy it the best. Here we have found the easiest kimchi recipe for you.

Take a look:

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Prepare the dish and enjoy a delicious dinner at home while watching your favourite Korean drama.

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