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How Much Pizza Is Too Much Pizza? Parineeti Chopra Will Answer It


Sometimes, the key to happiness is a delicious pizza. Don’t you agree? Besides being utterly delicious, this Italian treat is always there to lift your spirits. Seems like we do have a thumbs-up from Parineeti Chopra. The actress recently went out feasting with her friend Namrata aka Simi Khanna who shared glimpses of their outing on Instagram Stories. Parineeti reshared a picture where she can be seen appreciating the delicious food in front of her. We could see a plate full of what looked like pizza toast. Oh wait, there’s a sumptuous pizza too. It is topped with a whole lot of quintessential vegetables, cheese and pizza sauce. “It’s a feast,” Namrata wrote. Parineeti stated, “No enough pizza in my opinion.”   

How Much Pizza Is Too Much Pizza? Parineeti Chopra Will Answer It

If Parineeti Chopra’s pizza indulgence reminded you of the goodness of this classic Italian dish, here’s something you can do about it. Make yourself a sumptuous pizza at home and be happy. For recipes, take a look at the space below:

1) Vegetarian Pizza

This is a go-to recipe for all the pizza lovers out there. Vegetarian pizza contains a range of ingredients including tomato sauce, mushrooms, green and red bell peppers, onions and melting cheese. Also, people from all age groups enjoy this dish.

2) Chicken Pizza Crust

If you are a fan of chicken, trust this recipe to make your heart smile. This is a special chicken pizza that comes loaded with a whole lot of other ingredients including cheese. Once you make this, just sprinkle oregano, chilli flakes and some ketchup on top and enjoy.

3) Healthy Paneer Pizza

Yes, pizza can be healthy if you make it that way. Introducing some new ingredients and altering others, will give your Italian delight a good twist. This pizza carries paneer, which is packed with protein, and the base is prepared with wheat.   

4) Bun Pizza

Are you up for something unique when it comes to pizza? If yes, then try this out. Bun pizza is a perfect snack to beat your hunger pangs that may strike any day. This is good if you just want to consume a limited amount of this dish without bingeing on it entirely. Also, this yummy bun pizza gets ready in just fifteen minutes.

5) Kuttu Atta Pizza

Another option for all health enthusiasts is waiting for your attention. Give your regular pizza a cool desi twist with this recipe. You can thank us later. 

So, what are you waiting for? Treat yourself to a pizza today.

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