Home Food “Hill Station Main Maggi, Pakodas Or Momos?” Tahira Kashyap Wants To Know Your Pick

“Hill Station Main Maggi, Pakodas Or Momos?” Tahira Kashyap Wants To Know Your Pick


Tahira Kashyap is back with her food stories. And this time, with glimpses of her indulgences from a hill station. She is a hardcore foodie who likes to share her gastronomic adventures with followers on social media. So she could not keep the excitement to herself when she gorged on mouth-watering delights. Seems like Tahira is in Kasauli Hills, Himachal Pradesh. Her latest Instagram Stories, first, gave us a view of her day out at a beautiful place surrounded by lush green trees. We could see a proper sitting arrangement that included a mat, carrom board, badminton and basically, everything that one would carry along to spend a gala time in the lap of nature.

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After this, Tahira Kashyap shared a picture of roasted corn which happens to be an ultimate delight at a cool place like a hill station. She dropped a question for her followers that stated, “Fancy bhutta?” She leaves the viewers with two options – either yes or no. 

“Hill Station Main Maggi, Pakodas Or Momos?” Tahira Kashyap Wants To Know Your Pick

The next picture showcased a plate of truly enticing pakodas. This deep-fried, hot, and crunchy golden brown dish screams indulgence from miles away. This time, her question for viewers is, “Hill station main Maggi or pakodas?” 


The next slide features steamed momos served with the quintessential chutney in a bowl on the side. Besides being easily accessible in hilly areas, these delectable dumplings act as comfort food for many. Tahira Kashyap added, “Or momos.”


Tahira Kashyap has a strong liking for food and this can’t be denied. Seems like she has mastered the art of remaining fit and working out rigorously while also indulging in sinful treats. Once, she dropped a video showing us a plate of drool-worthy sabudana tikkis fried to perfection. The caption read, “After devouring a plateful of sabudana tikkis.” In the same video, we could also see her exercising. In the caption, she explained, “I showed up!! Working out but not giving up on food this time! Not this time, not ever!”

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We hope to see more from Tahira Kashyap’s gastronomic adventures.

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