Home Tech Give your budding young scientist toys that will blow their mind this holiday

Give your budding young scientist toys that will blow their mind this holiday


Let’s face it, all our kids end up on the nice list when the holidays roll around. No matter how many times they’ve spilled grape juice on the sofa or refused to eat their peas, we’re suckers for our kiddos and want them to grow up to be whatever they want to be.

If you have a young science fan — or science-fiction fan — in your family, we’ve rounded up picks from Walmart’s Top Toys List that will show them firsthand how science can be fun and totally rad. Today, a new microscope. Tomorrow, who knows? Maybe Mars.

Mix it up

This hands-on kit lets kids experiment with creating cool colors and shapes. It comes with two pounds of sand in four different colors, and kids drop bits of color into the spinning machine to create one solid cake that they shape with the tools. Kinetic sand is also a snap to clean up — a serious perk for parents.

Get prehistoric

The dino-obsessed kid in your family will have a blast showing off this animatronic baby velociraptor to their buds. They just slip their hand inside the Real FX glove and the dinosaur comes to life: lunging, play biting, and making real-life noises straight out of the hit Jurassic World movie.

The future is electric

Spark their curiosity for EVs with this electric hoverboard. Not only does it look cool, it packs dual 160-watt motors, and it can go up to 3 miles on one charge. Plus it has an awesome LED footpad and wheel lights. Heck, maybe you need one, too.

Feel The Force

Inspire your little science-fiction fan to keep dreaming about intergalactic possibilities. This foot-high Darth Vader figure has eyes and a lightsaber that light up, and your kid will dig the famous Darth Vader phrases it says in that unforgettable voice.

Take a closer look

Microscope sets have come a long way since you were a kid, and this metal one will let your lil’ scientist zoom in on bug legs and cat whiskers up to 1,200 times. The 48-piece set comes with calipers, test tubes, specimen jars, slides, and everything they’ll need to get their science on.

Go on a science safari

Encourage your little one to see the world, up close and personal-like. These sturdy binoculars come in different colors and are designed for small hands. Your kids will love looking at trees and birds — and you’ll love that the handy strap keeps the toy from getting lost on backyard safaris.

Right on time

This sparkly pink or blue smartwatch is the perfect first device to help your kid navigate the world of tech. Its dual camera lets them take silly selfies and videos, plus it has games, animated watch faces, and doubles as a spy flashlight. Parentals will love the “school mode,” which turns the smartwatch into a regular watch.

Get the birds-eye view

If your teen is obsessed with drones, this one is the perfect introduction. The wireless remote lets them glide the skies, rotate, and pitch forward like a pro. Plus, it streams footage directly to your smartphone, so you can watch in real time, which is cool.

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