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Extreme Rules 2022: WWE Hall Of Famer Announced For I Quit Match


Rumors around Edge possibly taking part in Extreme Rules 2022 went viral after a poster featuring him was recently unveiled. Previously, it was thought that suffering an attack at the hands of Judgment Day will keep him out of action for at least a couple of months. But that won’t be the case.

As seen on Raw, Matt Riddle got the main event win over Damian Priest via a jumping knee and a roll-up. Judgment Day – Priest, Balor, Rhea Ripley, and Dominik then delivered a 4-on-1 attack on The Original Bro. After Priest hit Riddle with the South of Heaven, Edge made a return and speared Priest and Balor off their feet before challenging the latter in an I Quit Match.

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“You have tried to finish me over and over, but I always come back. Even if it takes nine years, I always come back! I never quit. And Finn, I have a challenge for you. For the first time ever, Edge vs. Finn Balor in an I Quit Match at Extreme Rules 2022,” Edge cut a passionate promo upon his Raw return after which the match was confirmed.

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Edge to feature in a first-time match at Extreme Rules 2022

Edge has a part-time contract with the WWE that allows him to stay out of TV on a frequent basis. WWE storylines arrange the same since he came back from retirement, two and a half years ago. Such a scripted angle happened after he took quite a beating from Judgment Day on a recent episode of Monday Night RAW at a point when it was speculated that he would be out of action for some time.

Afterward, WWE announced that an injury happened to the Hall of Famer after he was blasted with a chair in his legs. If that wasn’t enough then Finn Balor also hit a Coup De Grace off the top rope on it. The general belief was that this attack will keep Edge out of action for a long time but he’s back in time for Extreme Rules 2022.

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In a previous update to the situation, Ringside News asked around about the injury status of the veteran and how long the top name will be out of action. They were told that “he won’t be out for long.” It was also noted things would be finalized around him during their premium live event meeting. A tenured member of the creative team has confirmed the source that Edge should be back by Extreme Rules 2022 and that’s how things turned out to be on Raw.

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