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Dritz Sew You Adjustable Dress Form, Small, Opal Green


Price: $119.00
(as of Jul 28,2022 16:23:31 UTC – Details)

The Dritz Sew You dress form allows you to personalize the form to match your body measurements. Simply measure your body and mark the adjustment wheel tapes to make the form sew you! If you want to sew for a friend, simply mark their body measurements in a different color of ink. This color of the form is opal green and is constructed with a nylon foam-backed cover for easy pinning. Dials are located at the bust, waist and hip areas and feature rolling wheels as well as two auto-set dials at front bust and waist. The neck size can be adjusted using the dial located on the neck cap. A pin cushion is conveniently located on the neck cap for easy access to pins. The back waist manually splits using the adjustment knob located inside the form providing up to 2” of additional length. A center pole includes printed markings, and height adjuster for increasing the overall form height and a pin hem marker that can turn 360° for marking hems. The plastic base features four legs to provide even stability.
ADUSTABLE BODY: 9 rolling wheels at bust, waist and hips (2 auto-set dials at front bust and waist) adjust form in precise increments to match your body measurements; manually adjust neck cap to increase neck size
BACK WAIST LENGTH: Manually split form at waist and hip area to add up to 2” of additional length to back waist length measurement
CENTER POLE: Positioned for fitting and hanging tops, blouses, skirts, jackets, coats, skirts, and dresses
ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: Expandable metal pole allows customization of dress form height to match your shoulder to floor length measurement
STAND: Plastic center base with four legs provides even stability


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