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DovEggs Solid 10K White Gold Post 1ct Center 5mm G-H-I color Moissanite Hoop Earrings Sterling Silver with Accents for Women


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Product Description


DovEggs fine jewelry pursuits for perfection, signifies this high standard of excellence by incorporating high-quality lab-grown moissanite and diamond.The gemstones under our brand have no environmental damage and sufferings of miners. The eternal sparkle of DovEggs moissanite&diamond symbolizes the everlasting of love.DovEggs insist on making only high-quality jewelry with the core of continuous great value, to build a leading brand with creative design and high-quality.

moissanite earringsmoissanite earrings


Moissanite Sizes Guidence:

Attach the picture of moissanite sizes guidence for reference.DovEggs accept the personalized customization if you provide us more details of customization.


doveggsdoveggs Tips for measuring your ring size:

If using a ring to measure, ensure that you select a ring that fits the intended ring fingerIf measuring a finger, measure towards the end of the day when the finger is warm.When your fingers are cold there can be up to half a size differenceRings that have a thicker band feel tighter than those that have a thinner band.If buying a thicker band, look to buy a full ring size bigger to allow room for movementYour ring should always fit comfortably on finger without any fear of it falling off

How To Measure Your Ring Size?

Method for reference ONLY:

This guide offers two methods of measuring for your ring size.If you already own a ring or have managed to obtain one from the person that you are buying the ring for, simply measure the inside diameter of the ring and match the size to the chart.If you don’t have a ring, simply measure the intended ring finger and match the measurement to the chart.

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Stone Size
2ct 6X8mm cushion moissanite 3ct 7X9mm radiant moissanite 1ct 6.5mm Round moissanite 2ct Center 5mm-6.5mm-5mm moissanite 2ct 6X9mm pear moissanite 2ct 6X8mm emerald moissanite

Color Grade









1. What is Moissanite? Is moissanite a diamond?

Moissanite is a synthetic gemstone, originally found in meteorites(Chemical name: Silicon Carbide). It was first discovered in 1893, while a scientist was examining meteor samples from a crater in Arizona. After many years, the experts has been recreated moissanite in the laboratory, that make the gemstone with friendly, and has eternal shining like stars

2.Can ordinary people tell the difference between moissanite and real diamond?

Moissanite and Diamond are both clear and sparkly. Moissanite and Diamonds are practically indistinguishable with the naked eye. In fact, even under a microscope, they are rarely different. A gemologist has to have a special tool to determine if a stone is a diamond or moissanite.

3.Why choose moissanite?

Hardness: On the Moh’s Hardness Scale, moissaniteis rated as 9.25, which higher than other gemstone except diamond (Hardness grade: 10) in jewelry used. So that it is a better choice of jewelry customization.Fire/Brilliance: The Brilliance Refractive Index of moissanite is 2.65, that it’s even twice as shiny as a diamond(Brilliance Refractive Index: 2.42)Created notion: Moissanite is grown in a special laboratory environment. It is a friendly choice for a gift or an ornament.

What DovEggs offer:

Lifetime Brilliance, Clarity(VVS1-VVS2) or Color of moissanite(FG nearly colorness> H-I Faint Color,white).Excellent cutting of moissanite that make it look more like a diamond.Custom or personalized orders.Excellent rapid custom service.


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