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Complainant unwilling to proceed, so two go free


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Heather-Lynn Evanson

Complainant unwilling to proceed, so two go free

The complainant was overseas and did not want to pursue the matter.

As a result, Leon Garfield Lawrence and Jakobi Talik Germain had their matters dismissed when they appeared in the No. 4 Supreme Court yesterday.

Lawrence, of Cane Vale, Christ Church, and Germain, of 8th Avenue, New Orleans, St Michael, were accused of causing serious bodily harm to Anderson Trotman with intent, unlawfully and maliciously inflicting serious bodily harm on Trotman, and using a firearm without a licence.

Attorney Arthur Holder appeared for Lawrence, while attorney Angella Mitchell-Gittens represented Germain.

Yesterday, the complainant’s brother Judah Bowen testified that Trotman was working in Guyana “for a couple months now”.

“He say he can’t deal with this no more,” Bowen said.

The complainant, who was then contacted via WhatsApp, said he was on contract in Guyana, the matter had been “going on too long” and he did not want to proceed with it.

Senior State Counsel Rudolph Burnett then asked that the case be dismissed, saying it would be an exercise in futility trying to proceed.

Justice Laurie-Ann Smith-Bovell dismissed the matter for want of prosecution. (HLE)

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