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Best Lego Kits for Car Lovers for 2022


Lego building is a great hobby if you want to express your passion for all things cars. It’s created awesome — and complex — automotive kits that let you recreate some of the most famous cars, from the Bugatti Chiron to the Land Rover Defender.  

These kits are rich in technical detail and fun, and they’re good for staying busy while at home sick, escaping from obligations or watching Netflix. We can show you where to get started with this list of our favorite Lego car sets. 

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The Ducati Panigale V4 R motorcycle is an insane machine, dedicated almost singularly to setting the fastest laptimes possible, all else be damned. It’s real expensive, but this Lego technic set isn’t. This is also a set that can be appreciated by both the young (ages 10-plus) and the young at heart. Comprised of 646 Lego pieces and spanning over a foot long, this bike features a two-speed gearbox and functional front and rear suspension. There’s even a matching stand to make sure you don’t accidentally lay it down and give that pretty red bodywork desk rash.


If your Lego tastes run more to the wild-looking, exotic and super complicated, then the 3,696 piece Lamborghini Sian FKP37 kit may be up your alley. Complete with a V12 engine that has a moving reciprocating assembly, adjustable rear spoiler, movable pistons, and all the neon green plastic your retinas can stand, this Lego model car set isn’t cheap but it’s hard to argue against its inherent coolness. This Lego car set brings you closer than ever to the real car Lamborghini Sián FKP 37. Designed especially for the super sports car enthusiast, this has classic scissor doors and a detailed engine. This one is rated for users 18 and up.


The Chiron is currently the king of all cars, with its staggering price tag and performance and the Lego recreation of it does a hell of a job of recreating that for us peasants. The Chiron kit features 3,599 pieces and even recreates Bugatti’s famous top speed key to raise and lower the rear wing. It’s going to be an amazing time-suck and that’s what we all need now anyway, right?


Land Rover’s new Defender has proven to be a big hit and with its good looks and wildly capable engineering, it’s kind of easy to see why. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the cash to park one in our driveway — at least until that sweet, sweet depreciation sets in. Until then, we can grace our shelves or, if you’re real bored, a cool diorama of some kind with the Lego Technic version that features a working gearbox and articulating suspension.


Maybe you’re tired of video games like Snowrunner by now, but you still have the bug for big, unwieldy machines. Lego can help with this epic Volvo 6×6 hauler that features remote control functionality. It’s over 23 inches long and seven inches high, so make sure there’s plenty of room on your shelf for this once it’s built, which will take a while thanks to its 2,193 piece count.


Make every week at your house infrastructure week with this awesome Lego concrete mixer truck and its functional, rotating drum. It’s also got an engine with moving pistons and a moveable funnel that lets you direct your payload of concrete where it needs to go. This kit is good for kids 10 and up and features 1,163 pieces.


Maybe you scored yourself a box set of all the Fast and the Furious movies for the holidays and now you have the task of actually sitting and watching all of them. If you’re like us, it helps to have busy hands during a movie marathon, so why not build Dom’s Dodge Charger from the first movie? This kit features a little over a thousand pieces and is rated appropriate for kids ages 10 and up, so it shouldn’t be too taxing on your brain, once the post-Tokyo Drift numbness sets in.


Hey, it’s a Corvette! With the engine in the front! That’s not a thing you can just buy nowadays from a Chevy dealer. Still, you don’t have to let your dad dreams die, because this Lego kit will keep fanning your flames until you pony up the cash for a used ZR-1. Like the real ZR-1, it’s got a big ol’ wing and a gigantic hood bulge for its little plastic blower. It’s only 579 pieces, but that just means it’ll be easy to assemble in an afternoon, and won’t cut in on your golf time.


Hardcore sports cars aren’t your thing? No problem, because if you’re human, then you probably love Ghostbusters and there are few movie cars more iconic than Ghostbusters’ big, honking (literally) Cadillac ambulance aka ECTO-1. This kit is a surprisingly faithful representation and with around 2,352 pieces, it should keep you busy through multiple rewatches.


Nobody likes when their parents (or significant other) tells you to pick up your Legos, right? Well, now, thanks to the Lego mobile crane set, you can heed them and ignore them at the same time (Roadshow makes no claims as to the efficacy of this relationship advice, by the way). This kit features a working crane and is made up of around 1,292 pieces with a recommended age of 10 and up, so buy it and get to work.

Best Lego kits for 2022

Best Lego kits Kit Pieces Price
Best Lego kit for bike lovers Panigale V4 646 pieces $70
Best Lego kit for supercar stans Lamborghini Sian FKP37 3,696 pieces $380
Best Lego kit for Ghostbusters Ecto-1 2,352 pieces $296
Best Lego kit for the speed-obsessed Bugatti Chiron 3,599 pieces $424
Best Lego kit for four-wheelers Land Rover Defender 2,573 pieces $184
Best Lego kit for builders Volvo 6×6 2,193 pieces $250
Best Lego kit for infrastructure nerds Concrete mixer truck 1,163 pieces $130
Best Lego kit for living life a quarter-mile at a time Dom’s Dodge Charger 1,077 pieces $100
Best Lego kit for dads Chevy Corvette ZR-1 579 pieces $50
Best Lego kit for constructors Mobile crane truck 1,292 pieces $188

So, now you’ve been armed with days and days of entertainment, but with great power comes great responsibility. By that, we mean you should be careful that none of these many thousands of Lego bricks end up on the floor, because you will absolutely step on them in the middle of the night and that’s a pain nobody is ready for.

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