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7 Simple, Fuss-Free Lunch Recipes For When You Are In No Mood To Cook


With the winter season just knocking at the door, it’s time to curl up in bed and just go on sipping your favourite hot brew. Cold winter days make you feel lazy. Sometimes, there’s very little or no motivation at all, to cook a proper meal. And it’s completely fine to not be productive sometimes. On such days, when you are hungry but don’t want to put up a proper meal that may consume a lot of time from your schedule, go for recipes that are tasty, delicious, simple and healthy as well. And, if you aren’t aware of such recipes, fret not. We have got you covered. We have a list of about seven simple and fuss-free recipes that will make your task a whole lot easier.     

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This is a perfect lunch option for days when you want to binge on light and nutritious meals. This South Indian dish is mainly prepared with urad dal, semolina and vegetables along with some spices and curd. Just don’t forget to squeeze some lime and coriander on top while digging in it. You just need twenty minutes to get this ready.

2) Masala vegetable khichdi

It wouldn’t be wrong to call this humble dish a universal comfort food. This one-vessel dish is perfect for nippy winter days when you just don’t have the motivation to cook up an elaborate lunch. Just take a pressure cooker, and put all the ingredients one by one. Let it cook for five whistles and your khichdi is ready.    

7 Simple, Fuss-Free Lunch Recipes For When You Are In No Mood To Cook

3) Barley dalia

Here’s a wholesome meal that takes just about ten minutes. Can you believe it? The dish carries a perfect blend of mustard seeds, cumin, garlic, curry leaves and chickpeas cooked with vegetable stock and barley. Make this quick meal at home and chomp away.   

4) Palak soup

There can be really interesting ways to savour spinach. Sometimes, having this vegetable, in the form of a curry, may seem to be a task. But we are sure you’ll like this yummy makeover. Top it up with some cream and voila! Your quick treat is ready.

5) Aloo poha

Maharashtrians swear by this popular dish made with flattened rice. Ideally, relished as a breakfast, poha also serves as a quick snack or a light meal when you are hungry. Make poha with boiled potatoes, onions, chillies, curry leaves, and don’t forget to put peanuts for the crunchy twist.   

6) Curd rice

Before talking about this fuss-free recipe, let us tell you that curd rice helps in digestion. It gives you energy and keeps your body cool. Thinking about the recipe?  We are here to help you. Add some curd to cooked steamed rice and add carrot, green chilli, ginger, salt and coriander leaves. Prepare a good tadka with mustard seeds, chana dal, urad dal, curry leaves, red chilli and hing and pour it into your curd rice.


7) Lemon rice

If you like rice dishes, this is surely going to appeal to your taste buds. Enjoy a wonderful rice recipe prepared with ingredients easily available at home. Just make sure you do have lemons because that’s the highlight of this dish.

Trust us, these hassle-free recipes will come to your rescue whenever you want to cook up a good meal without putting much effort.

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