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6 Reasons To Stop Eating Too Much Sugar – Expert Shares


We all have a sweet spot for sugar. It adds sweetness to our desserts and mithais, making us feel good about it all. While we can’t deny that sugar and sugary foods make us happy, one must also remember that intake of excess sugar works negatively on our health. Sugar is loaded with calories and fats, and often leads to weight gain, diabetes and several other lifestyle-related issues. According to celebrity nutritionist Lovneet Batra, “Sugar has a bittersweet reputation when it comes to health. Many people consume more sugar than they realize. The naturally occurring sugars in fruits and vegetables are absolutely fine. The problem starts when you consume more than the recommended amount of sugar that is added to foods and beverages.”

This is why Nutritionist Batra recommends we all need to keep a check on our sugar intake as it can lead to several health benefits. She further took to Instagram to point out six major reasons to stop eating sugar. Take a look.

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Here’re 6 Reasons To Stop Eating Excess Sugar – Nutritionist Lovneet Batra Recommends:

Better Gut Health:

Sugar promotes an inflammatory profile in the gut and damages the microbiome, meaning less friendly bacteria and more pathogenic bacteria.

Increases Energy:

High-sugar foods can negatively impact our energy levels by causing a spike in blood sugar followed by a crash.

Better immunity:

The chronic inflammation linked to high sugar consumption lowers your immune response. It makes you more susceptible to colds and flu throughout the year.

Promote Skin Health:

Consuming a diet high in refined carbs and sugar leads to the production of AGEs (advanced glycation end products), which may cause your skin to age prematurely. For the unversed, AGEs are formed when protein or fat combines with sugar in the bloodstream.

Decreased inflammation in the body:

Excess sugar leads to increased cytokines, which are inflammatory molecules and inflammation puts you at risk of many diseases.

Improved liver function:

Your liver metabolizes sugar the same way as alcohol and converts dietary carbohydrates to fat. Eating too much sugar may lead to NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease), a condition in which excessive fat builds up in the liver.

Eat healthy, stay fit!

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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