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3 Weird Social Media Posts by MS Dhoni That You Don’t Want to Miss!


On Thursday, July 7, M.S. Dhoni will be 41, and people have already begun sending him birthday wishes. The beloved former cricketer for Team India is revered in every corner of the world due to his status as one of the most successful leaders in the history of limited-overs.

The mysterious gloveman has a well-deserved reputation for maintaining his cool in high-pressure circumstances, which has allowed him to save his squad on several occasions.

The cricketer from Jharkhand was born with a cool temperament both on and off the field, and he avoids being in the spotlight as much as possible.

In the modern, technologically advanced world, it is very necessary to maintain an online presence; this is particularly true for famous people. However, the former captain of India has always kept a distance from the realm of virtual technology and only sometimes engages in activities on social media platforms.

Despite his lack of action, MS Dhoni has managed to keep the internet laughing on more than one occasion thanks to his offbeat sense of humor. In light of this, let’s take a look at three of Dhoni’s wacky social media postings that garnered a significant amount of attention online.

#1 Remarking on the contest known as “El Classico”

The fans are well aware of MS Dhoni’s deep affection for the sport of football. The wicketkeeper has shown to be one of the most talented footballers. Before he started practicing with his willow, he was a member of the football squad at his school.

A huge number of people from all around the globe tune in to see Real Madrid and Barcelona compete in El Classico, which is widely regarded as one of the most legendary rivalries in sports. It just so happens that the previous captain of the Indian team is one of them.

When the cricket player from Jharkhand sent a tweet about the El Classico match between Real Madrid and Barcelona, he was competing in the T20 World Cup in Bangladesh at that time. He said that the only reason he was watching the game was for “entertainment” and that it was irrelevant to him who came out on top.

Dhoni, when asked for his views, penned the following: “Doesn’t matter which team wins, I am here for Entertainment”.

#2 Making fun of ‘Sir Jadeja’

Ravindra Jadeja was given the moniker “sir” by MS Dhoni, and relatively soon after that, fans began referring to the all-rounder as “Sir Jadeja.” 

The cricketer who represents Saurashtra is widely regarded as one of the best all-rounders in the game at present. In addition to being an agile fielder, a bowler who can take wickets, and a crucial lower-order hitter, Jadeja has been instrumental in his team’s success in many games and is now performing at a high level.

After Jadeja’s performance against the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2013, Dhoni bestowed upon him the moniker “sir.” When it came down to the very last ball, Jadeja, who was batting for the Chennai Super Kings (CSK), needed to hit two runs for his team to come out on top.

He was caught at third-man off the penultimate ball, but the umpires ruled that it was a no-ball, which ensured that CSK would win with one ball left to play.

Soon after, Dhoni sent a funny remark on Twitter in which he made fun of the all-rounder’s performance during the game. 

He tweeted, “When you give Sir Ravindra Jadeja one ball to get two runs, he will win it with one ball to spare !!”

#3 Making fun of Sakshi Dhoni, his wife, on Twitter

There was a time when MS Dhoni made fun of his wife Sakshi Dhoni on Twitter. In 2010, the CSK captain became a member of the widespread social networking site, but since then, he has provided very little information about his personal life.

He did, however, make an exception in 2011, when he played a joke on his wife by claiming that he was conversing with her “through Twitter” even though they were physically present in the same room.

He tweeted, “Me and my wife in the same room but communicating via Twitter”.

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