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12 (More) Rebadged Cars You Probably Forgot Existed


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GM’s GMT330 platform spawned three variants: the well known Chevy Blazer, GMC Jimmy, and the slightly lesser known of the three, the Oldsmobile Bravada. The Bravada was yet another example of just how much of a crowded and confusing mess GMs nameplates were. While the GMC Jimmy was slightly more upscale than the Blazer, the Bravada was more upscale and luxurious than both, even though a job like that should have gone to Buick.

While it had a slightly different front facia in keeping with Olds design language, it was essentially a Blazer/Jimmy. Oldsmobile did give the Bravada GM’s SmartTrak stability control system as a luxury selling point. This was a feature that neither the Blazer or Jimmy came equipped with. But that was the extent of the differentiation.

The Bravada lasted three generations spanning 1990 -2004. The last gen moved to the GMT360 platform shared with the Chevy Trailblazer, Buick Rainer, Saab 9-7X, and GMC Envoy.

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